Your Pets in the Right Place Groovy Vetcare aims to be a warm and friendly home and family
with an open door for your beloved Pets. Our team will ensure
the best service for you.
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Excellent service with Complete Facilities Groovy Vetcare’s prime service is not only supported by reliable and
professional staff, but also complete and modern facilities.
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For more than 30 Years Groovy has been present to give the best for your Pets for over 30 years.
Our time and experience is more than enough to truly understand
what it means to provide the best service.
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Health Consultation

Helps you keep and maintain your
Pets’ health and nutrition

Hospital / Inpatient Services

A high-quality care service to ensure
your Pets’ safety

Laboratory Services

In-house diagnostics services with
various supporting devices
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Groovy Vetcare Clinic

In Groovy Vetcare, we understand that each Pets is special and unique with their needs and requirements. It is our responsibility to help and enable every Pawrent to keep their beloved Pets healthy and happy for life.

With our “one stop service” commitment, Groovy Vetcare provides a complete and thorough multiservice. With the support of reliable and experienced medical professionals, Groovy Vetcare is the comfortable second home for your Pets.
Our Veterinarian

Dedicated and Professional


Groovy Vetcare?



More than 13 years of experience




Trusted by thousands of customers internationally



Modern and thorough

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